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First-time customers only campaign

・Beard hair removal usually ¥12,000 ⇒ ¥3,000 ・VIO Hair Removal Usually ¥15,000⇒¥5,000 ・Hand hair removal usually ¥8,000⇒¥2,000 ・Leg hair removal Usually ¥12,000⇒¥3,000 ・Body hair removal usually ¥22,000⇒¥5,500   People who …

quality assurance

quality assurance

Gel nail safety guarantee system (one week of peace of mind) We have established a guarantee system so that customers can receive treatment with peace of mind. In the unlikely …


online review

(I received my first VIO. The therapist was so friendly that I was able to have fun without being nervous. I will visit again.) (Visited for the first time! I …

online review8

online review

(It was my first visit with a very good customer service, but I thought it was not my first meeting. I would like to see the progress of hair removal …

Online review7

online review

(Visited for the first time. I was quite nervous in an embarrassing area, but it was a quick treatment. I don’t know the extent of the effect yet, but I …

Online review6

online review

(I wonder if it’s effective? I thought. It didn’t hurt that much. The staff was very nice.) (I was a little nervous because it was my first hair removal, but …

Online review5

online review

(It’s a pity that the talk was fun and the treatment ended early.) (This was my third repeat visit, but the staff member’s pleasant conversation made the time go by …

online reviews4

online reviews

(If you are wondering whether to stop or continue, you can rest assured that you will not be forced to solicit and will think from the customer’s point of view. …

online reviews3

online reviews

(I am so glad I booked! Booked in May. I saw a coupon for Hot Pepper and it seemed like I could start an esthetic treatment, so I made a …

online reviews2

online reviews

(Although it is a men’s salon, women can also experience it, so I went there. The atmosphere of the shop is good, and the staff listened to me kindly, so …

online reviews1

online reviews

(First VIO hair removal experience. I nervously open the salon door. You don’t have to be nervous just because it’s a place called VIO. Greetings first. In a bright voice, …